Diversity Awareness at Kincaid

Each month we will spotlight a new theme to celebrate Kincaid's Diverse and Inclusive Community.

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Every snowflake is unique,

just like our AMAZING

Kincaid students!

For December,
we are asking
Kincaid students to
help us create a
wall of snowflakes
as we celebrate
the many family holiday
traditions taking place.
This is a great craft
activity to do with all
family members and a
great opportunity to
share your family's
special traditions. 
  1. Create your own cut-out snowflake. Leave space in the middle to add your name, grade and teacher on the back.
  2. On the front of your snowflake, write down a family tradition or ways YOU celebrate in December (optional)
  3. Decorate your snowflake and make it your own!

Place your finished snowflake in the marked box located in the library.








Native American Heritage Month (November)




Asian Indian American

Heritage Month (October)




Hispanic Heritage Month






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