Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the purpose of the PTA at Kincaid Elementary?
To promote the welfare of children.
To raise the standards of home life.
To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth.
To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the education of children and youth.


How do I become involved in a committee or with the PTA?
We welcome you to contact any of our Kincaid Elementary PTA Executive Officers,
Committee Chairpersons, or Executive Board members to join a committee or just to offer some of your time! Go to find out more information.


What happens to the dues we pay for PTA?
PTA dues at Kincaid Elementary are $6.00 for a Single Membership. $3.50 from the Single Membership dues go to State and National PTA for them to provide materials and publications, underwrite the national convention, support workshops that address the welfare of children, keep a volunteer legislative committee in Washington, D.C. to advocate for children and youth, and maintain a website. $2.50 from Single Membership of your dues stay with Kincaid Elementary PTA to support various programs and activities in our school community.


Do I have to come to school to volunteer if I join the PTA?
No! You are NOT required to volunteer if you join the PTA. There are also many activities that can be done away from the school that would be of great benefit to our programs and events. Some of these include making phone calls, emailing, designing documents, etc.


Can I only volunteer once in a while?
Most definitely! Any volunteer assistance at the school is appreciated. It is all vital to achieving the goals of the PTA and the school community. Even one hour a school year is of benefit to a committee!


How often does the PTA meet?
The PTA Executive Officers and Committee chairpersons meet monthly. We also communicate via email between monthly meetings. We meet 4 times a year for our general meetings: September, December, March and May.


What happens at the PTA meetings?
Minutes from previous meetings are approved then various reports are given from the Principal, Teacher Rep., PTA president, Treasurer, Committee Chairs, and anyone else that is on the agenda. New business and unfinished business are discussed. Various announcements are also made. PTA meetings provide an excellent opportunity to be involved in what is happening at our school!


Can I volunteer even if I am unable to come to the meetings?
Yes! Volunteer contributions are necessary for a lot of different events/programs.


How does the PTA raise money at Kincaid Elementary?
The PTA holds fundraising events which are the primary source of income for the association. It is this income that allows PTA to sponsor so many things that you see and do at Kincaid Elementary. Another source of income is your PTA membership dues. Programs are not fundraisers – they are events that your PTA provides.


What does the PTA do with the funds raised?
The money raised by the PTA goes to fund enrichment programs/services at our school. Some of these include: Celebration of the Arts, Awesome Attendance Program, Printing of the School Calendar, Student Directory, Carpool, Fellas Being Involved (F.B.I.), Cat Tracks, Character Education Program, Community Outreach Programs (Hat & Mitten Drive, Shoe Drive, Summer Lunch, MUST, Giving Tree), Cougar Pride, Diversity & Inclusion (You're Unique Week), Eblasts, Environmental Education, Family Education, Family Engagement, Meet & Greet, Healthy Choices, Eye/Vision Testing, Honoring Heroes/Veterans Essay Contest, Hospitality for teachers/staff, Legislation & Advocacy, Science Fair, Teacher Training, Reflections, Room Parents, School Supply Packs, School Store, Student Banking, Special Services, Summer Reading Program, Volunteer Coordination, Kincaid Picnic, Welcome Committee, Yearbooks, World Explorer's Club.


Can I volunteer for more than one committee?
Yes! All help is welcome! Many PTA members find they are interested in more than one committee.



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