Room Parent Information & Resources


Room Parents are vital for a successful school year. At Kincaid Elementary, a room parent's main goal is to support our teachers and staff by coordinating classroom specific needs and communicating with families for class and school-wide events.


Room Parents are volunteers and must be trained so they understand student privacy rights, and volunteer responsibilities.


Volunteer Training consists of the following:

  1. Watch the FERPA Video below.
  2. Review the CCSD document about Mandated Reporting HERE.
  3. Print and sign this School Volunteer Privacy Form and send to the school to be kept on file for audit.   



  • Join the PTA!
  • Connect with your classroom teacher.
    1. Define classroom areas of support.
    2. Identify any children with food allergies or food restrictions. Ask your teacher how they want to handle those allergies for classroom snacks.
    3. Get email addresses for all families in your classroom.
    4. Check in periodically about classroom supply needs.

If ever you need to communicate with your teacher, please do not drop in on their class unannounced during school hours. Instead set up a time with the teacher through a written note or email. The teacher will contact you with their questions or suggestions.

  • Coordinate classroom-specific projects among the parents in your classroom. Remember it is NOT your responsibility to do all the work for the classroom nor are you to donate above and beyond other donations.
    1. Send a Room Parent Introduction/Welcome Letter with details about the major events throughout the year.
    2. Collect and keep track of class funds collected for classroom activities during the year. All Contributions Are Voluntary. You can ask each family to contribute money to cover the cost of the classroom parties, snacks, teacher gifts or class projects, but this must be done on a voluntary basis. The minimum donation suggested is $40.
    3. Send reminder emails about Snacks/Activity/Mystery Reader/Copy Help about 1-2 weeks prior to event date needed. People who sign up in August, will not remember in April what they agreed to do for the classroom. Using an automated system like Sign Ups or Sign-Up Genius will help with reminders and be a resource for parents to access throughout the year of available volunteer opportunities.
    4. Include your teacher on all communication to classroom parents.

Include all parents in your class communications. Many parents want to help but cannot attend all functions. They can help in other ways--do not hesitate to contact them. Match up classroom/event needs with those parents who are available and willing to help.

  • Forward all PTA/Foundation communications to your parents.
  • Be available to volunteer for school-wide events for the PTA/Foundation.





If at any time you have questions or concerns, please contact the school-wide coordinator for support at: